Books, Films, and Other Things You Should Discover, In No Particular Order

  • Volbeat (music)
  • Autumn by David Moody
  • Martyrs (film)
  • Yourself
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson (author/philosopher)
  • John Saul (author)
  • John 5 (music)
  • Dawn of Ashes (music)
  • Hocico (music)
  • Grendel (music)
  • Psyclon Nine (music)
  • Bhutan (country)
  • Caodaism (religion)
  • Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (book)
  • Vincent by Tim Burton (short fim)
  • Sugar (short film...adorable!!)
  • Spider (short film)
  • Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (book)
  • To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (book)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And so the world turned, and things were left undiscovered.......

Hmm...where to start another blog post.......this is highly overdue. Sorry loves.

So, I've been doing some research on this thing called The Zeitgeist Movement. I find it to be incredibly beautiful. It is about a reformation not only of this country, but the world as a whole. I encourage everyone reading this to go to this link, and watch both of the films involved: For those interested I can also link you to the home site, in which you can become active in the forums, community, etc. I very much encourage this movement and encourage you all to pass it forward. This world is in need of a major change, and until everyone steps up, it will not happen. This is me, taking charge. <3

Dance classes are going well. I'm very much proud of my kids. They are all hard workers, and talented, and beautiful souls. I very much look forward to the rest of this season, and the ability to watch them all grow as dancers as well as individuals. <3

Been spending alot of time with friends lately, many of whom I haven't had the chance to spend time with in forever. I'm starting to get close to one of them, and while I'm just enjoying him now, I'm anxious to see what the future holds..though, I'm terrified that it holds more pain. I suppose we will see what happens.

Enough for now, it is late and I am tired, and tomorrow is going to be a long day. I hope everyone is doing well. <3

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A fast update with a promise for a better one upon my awakening.......

So, after linking a new (but dear =]) friend here, I skimmed through the first postings I had created upon the formation of this blog.

Note to the world: please disregard anything you may see about Chrix, his family, etc.

I kindly thank you, for not allowing the lies to be put in your mind as they were into mine.

Here is the promise to bring you a positive update when I wake..been up all night speaking to a wonderful man. =] Now, I need sleep.......

Monday, August 9, 2010

And so comes the end of a day.......

So, while I have no specific topics to discuss tonight, I figured I would come and write a bit anyways. Today has been a day off of the dance jobs, and a day of reflection. I've made an awful lot of realizations today-some good, others bad-and can proudly say that I have not only been told that I have grown as a spirit, but I can feel it as well.

When I think back to being hurt so many times in my past, the spirit inside of me takes flight. I'm starting to learn to hang on less to pain and more to love. After all, it is love that guides us and heals us and allows us to grow. It is that need to take flight that is what will ensure my grace and ability to conquer this lifetime.

I've rekindled an old friendship, and tonight we had the first "deep" discussion. This friend is someone that I have always looked up to, and has always been there for me to pick me up and brush me off and push me onward again, at my own pace. You know who you are, and for that I thank you. I only hope that one day I will be able to do the same for you-not to see you hurting inside, but to show you the care that you have shown me.

Throughout the day I've also given thought to these friends that "cannot trust anyone anymore" because of something one person did to them. I've been in that position, and I can honestly say that while pushing others away is not the thing you SHOULD do, I support those of you that are doing so. I'll be right here waiting to be picked back up again like a bad habit, and this time I just pray that you have grown in order to avoid that leave of absence again. This is your one and only opportunity to turn your back on me and know that when you try and face me again I will still be standing there.

Today is the first baby step in moving forward from my own pain. Note to self: I'm so very proud of you. We can do this.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh, what a crazy life we lead.......

Well, followers, I do realize it has been quite some time since I have been here.

Things have changed so drastically it is not even funny. Found out that the man that I was head over heels in love with, and believed was my soulmate, was actually a lie. His name, our relationship, his past, everything...was a lie. Needless to say, I have spent the past two months attempting to reestablish the life I had prior to the relationship, and also learning an important lesson: trusting my instincts like I used to before he came around.

I have since landed two teaching gigs for dance: at one studio I am teaching a senior hip-hop class, ages 13 and onward, on Monday nights. It is in Chandler, which is a bit of a drive, however, I have taught the kids before and they are too wonderful to turn down, as is the studio owner, Tina. It really, truly is just like a family there, and I'm very proud to say I am now a permanent member. The other job I have is in a studio in Peoria, which is about a half hour away. I am teaching pre-dance, jazz, and hip-hop there as well, once the schedule fills up and classes have more than one student in them. It's normal for summer to be slow-parents worry more about their children beginning school again, which of course is, and should be, more important than dance. I know..funny that I say that now, when for years and years I would attempt to argue my way out of going to school just to stay home and dance all day. Ironic.

Aside from that, I have been spending time with my closest loved ones, and making brand new friends as well. I've begun a new life, and am happy to say that surrounding myself with the people and things that I love the most have helped me to not keel over. While there are still moments when I want to withdraw from the world, and drown in self-pity, I have instead turned myself around and..okay, I'll admit, will distract myself until the feelings pass and I have switched gears.

As for the rest of everything, that's about it. I should finally be around to updating more so, now that things have calmed back down. I hope everyone reading this is doing well also.