Books, Films, and Other Things You Should Discover, In No Particular Order

  • Volbeat (music)
  • Autumn by David Moody
  • Martyrs (film)
  • Yourself
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson (author/philosopher)
  • John Saul (author)
  • John 5 (music)
  • Dawn of Ashes (music)
  • Hocico (music)
  • Grendel (music)
  • Psyclon Nine (music)
  • Bhutan (country)
  • Caodaism (religion)
  • Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (book)
  • Vincent by Tim Burton (short fim)
  • Sugar (short film...adorable!!)
  • Spider (short film)
  • Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (book)
  • To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (book)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And so begins an epic blog of randomness.......

I've been contemplating beginning a blog for awhile, at last, with some encouragement from people I value dearly, here it is. Don't expect this to be a strictly one-subject blog...I'm far from being a one-subject thinker. ;] What will, in fact, show up on here? Well...anything is game.

I suppose it would be best to formally introduce myself, but I think the "about me" over there on the side has done that well enough, hasn't it? Probably not, because it's a bit random lol. I'm 22 years old, currently awaiting the magical Financial Aid Fairy to come and drop off some grants and scholarships so I can head back to school for biochemistry. I'm an avid reader, an avid researcher, and an avid life student. Lately I've been a walking encyclopedia apparently, so things here...well, they just might get interesting haha.

Enough about I tell everyone, if you stumble upon me whether it is here, on Facebook, on the paranormal boards that the Paranormal Research Society runs, or anywhere else-the best way to get to know me is to spend some time with me, or to just ask away. That is always the best way to get to know a person I suppose. Since there isn't a way to message me on here that I am aware of, I'll leave you with my Facebook link:!/profile.php?id=100000902853574&ref=ts , and a promise to keep this blog updated as much as possible.


Rachel said...

welcome to blogger! ♥ I've had a blog for awhile now, but anyway, high five!

*~Ninjette Karma 007~* said...

Thank you!!!!!!! I'm going to follow you. I'm still figuring this out so..excuse the stuff that isn't completed yet lol!!

Rachel said...

no problemo! Just wanted to let you know tho-the font on your actual blog posts are a little hard to read, idk-it could be my eyes going bad :) Just thought I'd let you know ♥

*~Ninjette Karma 007~* said...

Ahh, I had a feeling. Lol!! I'll play around and see what I can do. =] Thank you!!!!!!!