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Friday, April 30, 2010

Living up to the randomness promise.......

So, today I come to write to you all with a bit on my mind-so I apologize if this is a bit long.

To begin, I shall get this off my chest. I keep hearing all day and night long, nonstop, about how "illegals aren't bad people" and how "illegals don't bring crime here" and all this nonsense. Sure-many illegals crossing into the country probably ARE just trying to start a new life. HOWEVER. We are worried about the ones coming in here and bringing their crime.

Today, we had a Pinal County deputy officer (with the Sheriff's office) pull over a car that had illegals in it. Upon approaching the vehicle, the illegals pulled out an AK-47 assault rifle and shot the officer in the stomach. They then fled. SWAT teams had to storm the area, because of them running, and as far as I'm aware, they are STILL attempting to find the illegals. I ask every single one of you that opposes the new immigration bill (which isn't new at all-remember? Federal law, since the Industrial Revolution) how they are going to stand up and say "illegals don't come here and commit crimes." Here are the links to all of the news stories about the officer and what happened:

Al Sharpton is coming here to hold some protest against the new law. Joy. Hope that works out for him. *insert eye rolling here* Dear Al Sharpton, if you ever somehow come across this blog, I'd just like to tell you that one, not all white people are racist, and two, I find it very offensive that if a white person DID get discriminated against (which we constantly do-think about it) you wouldn't stand up for us based on the color of our skin. You are not the martyr you think you are, sir. I respect you for standing up for something you truly believe in-but I disrespect you for not finding the will to reevaluate what you say all the time.

On to other things. I've been watching an episode of Wife Swap-must be brand new. I didn't know they still created this show lol. They took a "goth" family (and I use that term lightly, because they are more contemporary goth than most goths really are-could just be for the tv show though), where the boys do ballet (because of the parents), and mixed them with a "regular" family, that forces hockey on the entire family and neglects the daughter-who is the only girl, and dances. I really hate the hockey parents. They sit there and tell the sons they are losers, and suck, and all of this other horrible stuff. It's not only at hockey practice either-they have "_____ sucks as a ______" song at home that they sing to each other, and they are always putting each other down. In the end of the episode, both sides were of course more accepting and lenient with each other, but...meh. Once you make yourself into a cold-hearted person on television, it's hard to convince people otherwise. Haha. The goth side, well....I felt bad for them, because the other couple was extremely mean to each of them, just because of the way they dressed. Moral of the story: Goths are not bad people. We deserve just as much love, acceptance and respect for being us as "regular" people do. Oh-and coming from a family where two of three kids are jocks, and I was the only dancer....I felt greatly for the neglect shown to the daughter when it came to her dancing. I'll simply leave it at that, because I don't want this blog to turn into a big melting pot of negativity, haha.

On to the last for the evening.......good news came about today. My dad stepped down from being a K-9 officer, due to a great deal of harassment from uppers at work. We were told today they are going to retire the dog, and we get to keep him. YAY!!!!!!! The worst thing in the world for my dad would be to give up Bodhi-and that would have been hard on us too.

I know I mentioned I might give a movie review tonight-but, those were on my mind more so than any films were. I didn't sit down to watch any today-maybe tomorrow though. If you are hoping for a title to check out, I always recommend Zombieland. Hehe.


Rachel said...

I absolutely LOVE wife swap! I missed it last night cause we had the children....but that's a great show!

*~Ninjette Karma 007~* said...

Awwww. It's not one I usually watch, but happened to catch the beginning of it when it came on lol. It's interesting, but I could never switch houses and let some stranger in my home and controlling my kids lol. =\