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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sorry this one's a bit later than yesterday's posts were.......

So, I've come up with the thought that I should post these towards the evening and/or at night, mostly so that if you decide to be a die-hard fan ;] you won't have to check this blog 876257863874658746 times a day waiting for a new post. Lol!! Right now the time on my clock is 7:28 pm, and this shall be the time I make new posts.'s really the time I will ATTEMPT to make all of my new posts..give or take an hour. That way, you know if you read a new post in the morning, there won't be a new one until about this time of day.

Newest vow of the evening: I will do my absolute best at answering every comment that any of you leave for me. Once my dance students (er..the older ones of course, since this might not always be censored haha), fellow dance teachers, friends, loved ones, and..well, hopefully some randoms that just like what I have to say, start coming on here it might be harder to respond-but I promise to do my absolute best to try and answer all of them. I'm not expecting fame out of this of course, so hopefully this entire paragraph doesn't sound that way, but I do know and love a great big group of people, so I don't want anyone feeling neglected. <3

I changed the font on here today. If any of you guys are still having problems, with the font type, or the colors, or anything at all, please let me know and I will fix them as soon as I get your comment.

On to the news of the day: Due to the immigration bill that got signed here in Arizona..which WAS A FEDERAL LAW ALREADY, mind you, people are attempting to get people to boycott random things. Example: the government of AZ. REALLY?! How exactly does one go about boycotting a government? Are you going to say no to their stimulus packages for the day? Didn't think so. Will you turn down their funding for the day for your schools, city governments, construction, etc.? Didn't think so either. Please, someone explain to me exactly how you are going to boycott the state government. I'm curious how that's going to work out for you.

They're also talking about boycotting the company that makes Arizona Iced Tea. REALLY?! Newsflash: that company is not even from Arizona. Congratulations, you just made yourself look stupid. It's called research: try it. ;]

Oh-and one more thing before I step down from the rant session about the new bill WHICH WAS ALREADY A FEDERAL LAW. People are smearing refried beans on the Capitol's windows, and then drawing swastikas in them. Not only is that disgusting...VERY disgusting...and a waste of yummy food, but that is a bit over-the-top don't you think? I am by no means racist, but when you act like an imbecile be expected to be treated like one. The second I see anyone doing that, you better believe I'm saying something about your ignorance.

If you don't like the bill...go to another country. If you don't like that you might actually have to get your immigration papers...leave and go back to where you came from. If you think every police officer in this state has time to pull over every person...because this bill applies to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and not just Mexicans...then you are seriously the type that thinks the entire world revolves around you, and you need to stop being so ignorant. Police officers do not have the time to ask every single person they see their immigration status. If they did, they would have been asking that of everyone for years-since this has been a federal law (which supersedes state law!!) for years and years.

Enough of my political ramblings. That isn't why I created this blog in the first place, haha. There isn't too much else going on in my little slice of the world right now. I'm reading a book for the book club that myself and a few friends are involved in: Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin. It's pretty interesting so far. I think I'm a bit over-conditioned though. Many of them are saying it has scared them, whether they were edgy while reading the book or at another time when it came to their mind. As for me, it hasn't bothered me yet.

Chrix, my fiance, mentioned to me tonight that we should move to another country. I told him I'm willing to do that-we can always come back and visit friends and family here. He mentioned England, and Tuscany, and a few other places. I told him wherever he would want to move to, I'd be up for it. It's not that I hate America, it's just that I've been here my entire life-I've never even been to Canada or Mexico. There is so much of the world to see, and experience, and while we will be able to travel to many places, you can't fully experience life somewhere until you throw yourself in the middle of it. Besides, I can speak Spanish, and Portuguese, and if we moved to Italy, Italian would not be hard for me to learn at all. England, well let's be honest-you still have to learn a new language, because their slang is different over there. Haha!!

Watched a "film" tonight with Chrix entitled "Pot Zombies." Don't watch it. Seriously..don't watch it. While the thought of marijuana and zombies might seem fun....this film was HORRID. I don't know what the heck was thinking when they uploaded it. The film was supposed to be about weed laced with radioactive ingredients, and when you smoked it, it turned you into a zombie. Let me tell you what: first of all, the movie was very offensive in the means of how the women were spoken to and about. Secondly, the music was horrible. You cannot allow your movie to go from a punk rock soundtrack, to death metal, to country music. Sorry-not going to work. And lastly, I will end this by saying..if you are sitting down to see a B-movie (I know, I should've known, but some are pretty decent) and you see "Directed by Justin Powers" come on...just save yourself the time and effort.

Now I know some of you will go watch that "film" anyway. Don't say I didn't warn you. Haha!!

Hmm. Don't have much else to blog about, so I'll end it here for now. Did I mention that if you want my views on a topic, I'm willing to write here so you can see them? Just let me know what it is you're looking for. =]


Rachel said...

I vote for Tuscany. I always heard it's an absolutely beautiful place to live....and plus, can you really beat their food? I mean, c'mon. lol.

And people acting that immature and ignorant over a bill (drawing a swastika in refried beans? wtf? There's people going hungry all over the country, and that's what they decide to use for an "art" medium? That's what upsets me, not only their blatant ignorance, but their wasteful attitudes. Sorry, that's just something I feel strongly about. :)

If you want a mind trip of a movie, look into Lionsgate's film entitled "See no Evil" starring Kane. Idk if you've ever seen it, but it shows how religion can totally warp your mind if it's used in a bad way. If you've not seen it already, I think you'd like it a lot. :)

*~Ninjette Karma 007~* said...

I voted Tuscany too. ROFL. Well, really I voted "anywhere outside of America." Lol. makes me angry too. They want to complain about the economy, and about how people don't have enough food, then they go and do something like that. I stand by my prior statement about how I need a hand the size of the world so I can just smack everyone all at once. No worries-you will be warned first. Hehe.

I've seen "See No Evil." I liked it, because it was different-though I thought it could've been much better. Regardless, Kane is a scary man. Rofl.

RMarie7 said...

Oh if you want great B movie cheesiness, check out Black Sheep. Not the David Spade movie, no. The "genetically mutated killer sheep" movie from New Zealand a year or so ago. It was brilliant in its...stupidity. I love movies that are billed as horror, but to me, really just amount to comedy.

I can't wait for my copy of Hostage to get here! I'm like you: too jaded and overconditioned. I'm more scared of Serg's probing aliens than I am of this. ;)

Oh, and next time? Try telling us how you really feel. O;D

Rachel said...

Yeah, Kane's a trip in hisself. It could have better been laid out as far as the plot goes, I agree with you on that-but it scared me. And I do NOT scare easily. lol. :)

*~Ninjette Karma 007~* said...

Lol. Marie, you know you love me and my opinionated ways. I'll look for that one. Hostage is pretty interesting, but still hasn't scared me yet. I honestly don't think it will.

Lol Rachel!! I love the movies that we don't expect to scare us, but they do. I don't scare easily either-the only movie to ever scare me was Rec lol!!